Things to do in Side

River Rafting Full Day Fun at National Park of Antalya

The fun river is waiting for you about 50 km far from your hotel in Side! River Rafting is an incredible and thrilling fun and adventure with your friends and family or with a team of British, German or Dutch members.
25.00 €
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Jeep Safari Adventure tour at the Taurus Mountains

Jeep Safari in Side: Get away from the crowds on a thrilling Jeep Safari through the Taurus Mountains and the idyllic countryside of Side. Combine nature with adventure as you go along challenging dirt trails.
25.00 €
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Dolphins Island Boat Cruise Sun Swimming Snorkelling

Enjoy a remarkable relaxing cruise from Side Harbour to Dolphins Island for swimming, sunbathing, and also snorkelling. If you're lucky enough, the dolphins could pay you a visit and make this tour even more remarkable! Enjoy a cruise ship on the Bay of Do
19.00 €
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Boat trip along the Green Canyon at Oymapinar Lake

Discover the beautiful scenery of the Green Canyon. Green Canyon Suitable for all ages, it will take you to the Green Lake, as well as through the canyon, bordering the rich forests.
35.00 €
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From Side: Alanya tour with Boat trip in Alanya and Lunch at Dimcay

Alanya, The City that bewitched Cleopatra will likewise allure you! This day excursion from Side takes you along lovely clear shores to the Alanya castle, with a rock cavern & banana ranch. It will offer you with sufficient time to explore the Alanya publi
25.00 €
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Quad Biking Safari Fun and Adventure tour in Side

Ride your very own ultimate fun machine, through the largest moving mud and dust mass in the Southern Turkey with our Quad bike tours. Spend over 1,5 - 2 exhilarating hours driving through the forests, deep valleys and mountains streams of Taurus Mountain
25.00 €
Driver 17+187.50 Turkish Lira Book now


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