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SeleukiaSeleukia Tour

This tour is, so to speak, a must for all hikers. It is a special highlight for all hobby archaeologists and those interested in culture.

On our way to the ancient city of Lybre - Seleukia, you will learn a lot about the agriculture and forestry of Turkey, because the path also leads through the shady pine forests, where the workmen still work hard forestry by hand.

Having arrived in Seleukia, you will have time to explore this impressive place of ancient life and we will show you some of the treasures (mosaics) we discovered years ago but which are not visible to other visitors.

The way back leads us through amazing landscapes, over beautiful valleys and fields, past olive groves and orange plantations, and not only over gravel roads, but also many a goat path is committed by us.

Tip: Again, you can book our little donkeys as companions, who carry your backpack or the children, or just as a patent for e.g. Your children are a pleasant companion.

Duration 5 to 6 hours with a length of approx. 14 km
Start 70 mt. altitudes • Altitude difference approx. 300 mt.
Cost per person 45 Euro • Children up to the age of 12 pay half
(transfer provided extra)

Die vergessene StadtThe Hidden city

Absolute special tour for hobby archaeologists.

Approximately 12 km from the adventure park is the "hidden city". An absolute highlight for any hobby archaeologist. This jewel of antiquity can not be found in any tourist guide - and it is only known to the locals here. No other tour leads to this city, which is not even known to the ancient natives.
Duration: 5-6 hours
Cost per person 120 euros as offered by us exclusive

3-5 day tour with the nomads and their animals

or all nature lovers - Back to the roots - with the donkeys in the Taurus.

Here you go as a team with backpacks and food (which of course do not have to be carried by yourself) in the mountains to the nomads. We sleep with the locals - hiking during the day and experiencing the world without electricity and civilization.

Duration: 3-5 days depending on the tour
Cost per person incl. Local food per day 100 Euro (please bring your own sleeping bag)
Reservation required at least 4 weeks in advance! Tour takes place from 6 persons minimum participants.

Cross country walks - over floor and stone

Get to know the country and the people.

We have a variety of hiking trails that we can choose according to the customer's requirements. From light to medium - heavy. With easy to difficult climbing (without wall climbing), or only straight paths, just as you want.

Since we are individualists, we also walk with only one person or couple. But also groups are of course welcome.
You tell us what you want, and we will prepare you for a wonderful hike that will not be forgotten, and which will be one of your holiday highlights.

There is a small local meal included in the price, so that you can strengthen after the journey.

Duration: 2.5 to 5 hours
Costs: 2.5 hours 30 euros - each additional hour 10 euros

Hiking in the spring sun

Between the spring blooms.

Countless colorful spring blossoms cover the meadows already on January. Due to the damp nights and the mediterranean temperatures, the vegetation is already here in January as far as other places only from April. Enjoy the walks through the beautiful unspoiled nature, and the warming sun rays on their skin.

Duration from 2 hours
Cost per person 2 hours 20 euros - each additional hour 10 euros (transfer provided extra)

Riverbed hikes

With us, young and old, skilfully from stone to stone.

Hiking is boring: in the bed of a river, there is no boredom for fun and excitement.
For all swindles, the river bedding begins with an exciting abseil exercise. And then the real fun begins: over large and small rocks we walk through an incredible landscape. Climbing, jumping, balancing - the river beds have plenty of variety for the old and the young. And we surely find so many stone the one thousand-year-long story told. Get into the river bed and experience the fun of being awakened!

Duration approx. 2 hours
Cost per person 23 Euro (transfer provided extra)

Geocaching - Hiking

The modern treasure trove of the 21st century.

In small groups, go for the treasure: The schnitzeljagd begins - equipped with our GPS devices at the Adventure Park. You will experience an eventful hunt with different tasks which can be solved in between.
Of course, the group will find the fastest treasure, the rich prey share...

for groups of 6 or more

For all active geocachers: a cache is already hidden in our park: "Flying-Kids"

Duration approx. 3 to 4 hours
Cost per person 44 Euro incl. Loan (transfer provided extra)

Uptown culture and life

In April - and in October before the winter comes it goes down again from the alp.

Also with the Turkish cattle breeders it is so that they want to let their animals in the summer the good succulent grass and the herbs of the pasture, top of the Taurus mountains. That is why they move every year to the Yayla (grassland). Each family can accommodate 4-5 persons. They walk during the day with "family" and the animals (goats, sheep, some cows) only carry day baggage.

You are always with the nature, sleep in the tent (own or provided by us), sit in the evening with the other hikers at the camp fire. The storage space for the hikers is extra, because all the families run separately to avoid mixing the animals, i. the hikers are picked up by the families in the evening and brought back early. If you want, however, you can also spend the whole time with "family", then you also learn e.g. how they can make bread themselves and prepare delicious food from the simplest things - back to the roots - get out of the everyday life, once to experience pure nature.

The luggage is transported afterwards, so they do not have to worry about. In the evening they set up their tent and our chef makes for them local dishes which fit into the trek, as long as they want to sleep in the hiker's trek.

The output takes about 5 days. Back in Manavgat, we pick them up and take them to their connecting hotel, depending on how they want to make their holiday.

Costs: We offer the whole adventure for 120 € per day including meals.

Cave tour

The something else special jeep safari for those who are looking for the special highlight and want a combination of action, fun, excitement, adventures and culture.

The cave tour starts from the Adventure Park in Manavgat-Oymapinar and you will firstly experience a SPECIAL JEEP SAFARI which is unparalleled.

As far as the asphalted road is concerned, it is about 3 hours OFFROAD to the caves (this tour is not suitable for persons with back problems)

You will experience Turkey as you rarely see it. Far away from any civilization, we move - packed with a picnic basket and enough drinks - to help us survive on the way.

Once you arrive at the caves, we will have a rest and a picnic. Afterwards, we have time to look at the various caves, and climb up.

The ascent requires some physical fitness!

We are equipped only with large lamps, since the caves are not developed! That we are Alone there is almost guaranteed.

The caves are very different and a feast for the eyes!

Afterwards, we continue on the shorter road over the road about 1.5 hours back to Manavgat to Adventure Park.
Do not forget your shoes!

Duration: Day trip
Costs: 150 euros per person including picnic and extreme jeep safari
Minimum number of participants: 4 people

Die vergessene StadtUptown Grassland

This tour will give you the opportunity to get to know a family who can spend the whole year, away from civilization, without electricity and running water, and still lives with their animals a happy and happy life "one with nature".

You will be able to eat homemade goat's cheese and fresh chicken eggs, and try to bake your own bread on the open fire. The trail leads us through pastures, meadows, fruit and olive trees and through wonderfully scented forests. You have a wonderful view over the valley, the Taurus mountains and the Manavgat reservoirs and will also see here one or the other antique.

Tip: Again, you can book our little escorts as companions, who carry your backpack or the children, or just as a patent for e.g. Your children are a pleasant companion.

Duration 4 hours with a length of approx. 9 km
Start at 70 mt altitudes • Altitude difference approx. 350 mt
Cost per person 40 Euro • Children up to the age of 12 pay half
(transfer provided extra)

Die vergessene StadtLake tour

This is a relaxing tour around the Manavgat Lake, where you can bring almost all the senses into action, bringing you all the facets of unspoilt nature here by the lake - a genius tour.

You will Not only see a lot of rare animals and plants - the turquoise-green lake, but also some ancient sites, as we walk along the olive groves along the goats and through the orchards. At the sight of the ruins, many of you will be able to imagine how life could have been then ....

Tip: Again, you can book our little escorts as companions, who carry your backpack or the children, or just as a patent for e.g. Your children are a pleasant companion.
Duration 3.5 to 4 hours with a length of approx. 9 km
Start at 70 mt. altitudes • Difference in altitude about 50 mt
Cost per person 40 Euro • Children up to the age of 12 pay half
(transfer provided extra)


Taurus Tour

With the Jeep we drive from the ADVENTURE-Park about 30 minutes into the Taurus mountains.
Here are hidden some special treasures, which we will not withhold our guests.

Many ancient ruins meet us on our way over the top of the hill. Partially with the help of the goat trails, which point the way, we go to the Taurus mountains. Then, however, a view of the special kind, which impresses with its expanse, awaits you for your troubles.

They will be enthusiastic, and also have plenty of time to look closely at the cultural treasures that meet us on the way. Also the way back is a feast of the senses, because every tree and shrub along which you can smell is different, here in the clear air of the mountains.

We go back to the adventure park by Jeeps.

Day excursion with a duration of 5-6 hours with a length of approx. 11 km.
Start after the jeep ride with 410 meters of altitude - height difference approx. 250 mt
Cost per person 60 euros
(transfer provided extra)

Die vergessene StadtPure Mountain Life tour

This tour is only suitable for very sporty hikers, and can only be made by dizzy guests.

We take the jeep to the starting point of this hike. We climb together our mountain house - lying Ataturk head.

The tour literally goes over floor and stone on unpaved trails. They will meet many herds of goats pasturing here, and see odd natural products, such as particularly beautiful trees growing out of nowhere from the rocks. Also turtles, lizards, chameleons and many other animals can meet us.

Die vergessene StadtThe giant view of the entire valley and the two dams will reward you for your efforts - a view you will surely not forget.

Duration of the tour: 6-7 hours
Start after the jeep ride with 70 meters of altitude - height difference approx. 650 m
The cost of this extraordinary tour - which is only available with us - is 90 euros per person. for at least 2 persons.
If you want to book a tour for yourself, We will give you EXKLUSIVE for 130 €.

(transfer provided extra)Die vergessene Stadt

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