Hair Transplantation in Turkey

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Due to many reasons both men & women cansuffer hairloss earlier than others resulting in a desire to fill the empty spaces and a return of self confidence and higher self esteem.


Hair Transplanationt is a technique that returns your own hair back to you. Transplanted hairs are permenent & life-long, using one of two popular techniques,  the FUT or the FUE. the procedure. The newest & most popular techniques used is FUE, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) which is a fast, low risk well tested hair transplant procedure that moves single donor hair grafts from a healthy hair area of the scalp where the hair is thicker and transplanting it to a hair free or balding area.  We are alsoı able to offer the very latest technology, the famed İmplanter Pen method of hair transplantation which significantly decreases trauma during the transplant, shortening the recovery period and improving the graft survival rate.


There are several advantages of the FUE-method such as:

- No visible scars
- The patient can wear a short hair style after the hair transplant
- Swift recovery and short healing time due to a minimal invasive extraction of single units
- No numbness around the donor-area
- No reduction in skin elasticity
- No unnecessary discomfort


Successful hair transplants simply require enough healthy hair to be available from another part of the scalp or body. Typically, the hair at the back and sides of the scalp is ideal, often being thicker and more densely packed. Although improvements can be made even with a limited donor area, generally - the more hair you have at the back and sides the more successful your FUE results will be.


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