Antalya airport transfer to Side


Private & VIP transfers from Antalya airport

About Antalya Airport


Antalya Airport is a high-standard airport in terms of technical details and passenger comfort. The airport has 2 international terminals and 1 domestic terminal and serving about 35 million passengers every year (2019).


Vigo Tours works for you 24 hours a day throughout the year in order to provide your arrival and departure transfer needs from Antalya airport with the best prices and the best service. Call us for your arrival and departure airport transfers from Antalya airport to Antalya hotels, from Antalya airport to Side holiday hotels, from Antalya airport to all hotels in Kemer region, arrival and departure airport transfers for Belek's hotels, and private transfers to all around Alanya!


Things good to know about Antalya airport transfers


Is the airport transfer we booked exclusive to us?

Yes, this is a private transfer service, only your transfer. There will be no other passengers in the vehicle.


How long does it take to transfer the Antalya to Side area?

The duration of Side transfer from Antalya Airport is about 1 hour. This time may increase or decrease by 15 minutes, depending on the location of the hotel in Side region.


What is the quality of the road and distance between Antalya and Side?

The road is two-lane and the standard is high. The distance is 55-70 km to Side region from Antalya airport.


What is the price of the airport Side transfer in Antalya?

Vigo Tours organizes airport transfers at the most affordable price. Vigo Tours not only provides airport shuttle services, but also daily sightseeing and excursions. You can click here to view Antalya Side transfer price.


How to book airport shuttle service?

You can book a private transfer from Antalya Airport to Side on the Vigo Tours website online by clicking here.


Should I pay the transfer fee online when booking?

This is not mandatory. You can also pay the transfer fee to the driver in cash when you arrive at the airport.


Other things and facts to know about Antalya airport transfers 


Can I make a reservation via Whatsapp or email?

Unfortunately, no, because your reservation must be made through our website, so this is not possible. The registration through website is officially obligated.


How do we find the driver when we arrive at the airport?

When you arrive at Antalya Airport, you will see many people waiting in front of the arrival gate, holding documents and names in their hands. One of them is for you and take your name. The cutest and friendliest of these people is the Vigo Tours attendant, so this person is your driver.


What is the distance between the point where we meet the driver and our transit car?

This process can take up to 3-5 minutes, depending on the density of the airport and parking lot.


Does the airport shuttle fee include taxes and airport parking fees?

Yes, all fees and taxes are included in the transfer fee. There are no hidden and unexpected payments in the transfer fee.


Before we start the transfer, is there a market to buy water at the airport?

In the two international terminals of Antalya Airport, there is a market where you can buy water and all beverages and food. The Vigo Tours shuttle service provides our customers with free bottled water.


What should we do if we cannot find the driver at the arrival gate of the airport?

This is a very rare situation. In this case, we have the ability to send new drivers and vehicles to the airport within 10 minutes. In this case, if you ask one of the people waiting at the exit to call us, they will immediately support you to contact us. You can see our emergency number on the ticket.


Can we return home via Vigo Tours?

Yes, you can. You can also use this option when booking online on our website.


And more to know about Antalya transfer


You will pick us up from our hotel a few hours before the departure time of the flight?

We will pick you up from your hotel approximately 3.5 hours before the departure time of your flight. We can get it earlier in busy times. At Antalya Airport, there is only a small amount of congestion in the X-ray control device at the entrance of the departure terminal during peak hours.


What should I do if the transfer vehicle fails during the transfer to Side?

According to the location of the transfer vehicle failure, a new vehicle will be sent within 30 minutes at the latest.


Should we tip the driver?

If you are satisfied with the driver’s service, you can give a tip. You will make him very happy, but first he must show you his excellent service.


If we take return journey also with Vigo Tours, will you send the same driver?

Yes, but it is difficult to give any clear definition. Depending on our transfer operation plan or drivers’ rest days, there may not be the same driver.


Is it possible to provide baby seats for babies?

Yes, it is possible. Please specify when booking.


Can I take a wheelchair in the transfer car?

Foldable wheelchairs can be used, but electric wheelchairs cannot be used. Private transportation suitable for electric wheelchairs must be booked, and prices will vary.


Is the vehicle for the transfer service you provide insured?

Yes, all our transit vehicles and passengers carried are fully insured. It is prohibited to bring uninsured vehicles to the airport.


If we got other questions about the transfer from Antalya Airport to Side, can we write to you?

Of course, this is our pleasure! The Vigo Tours transfer 7/24 team is happy to answer your questions.